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Interior/MEDART's corridor lockers come fully welded or KD

All-Welded Interior/MEDARTTM Lockers--the Architects' Choice

Interior/MEDART Locker Company has taken recent advances in welding and electrostatic powdercoating technologies to create the first truly affordable line of all-welded lockers that will meet your budget and exceed your demands.

This is the new technology and design of welded lockers--not your average six-sided steel boxes. Every facet of locker manufacturing and painting has been scrutinized and improved to bring you the finest all-welded lockers available.

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Interior/MEDARTTM Lockers come in the following styles, all available all-welded (or KD, if you prefer):

Interior/MEDART Locker Co. understands that your clients need flexibility to meet project needs and budgets. Because Interior/MEDARTTM all-welded lockers come preassembled and welded together, they offer you and your client the most rugged locker available in the industry--plus you get an instant locker installation. A full truckload of lockers (an average of 350 frames) can be unloaded and positioned on the locker bases and ready for final trimming in one day.

If quality is important to you, these lockers deserve a good look. Our 16 gauge bodies, bottoms, tops, shelves and sides, 18 gauge backs and choice of 14 or 16 gauge doors results in a sturdy and reliable welded locker. The additional cost of the extra steel necessary to build such strong lockers is offset by the reduced manufacturing costs of today's new efficient technologies.

With all-welded lockers, you avoid costly and labor intensive/intrusive locker installers who move nomadically throughout your project for months, assembling lockers and getting in the way of other trades. Drastically lowered labor cost--coupled with our efficient welding and powder coat all-welded painting process--offsets and pays for the heavier steel thicknesses of our all-welded lockers. In most prevailing wage cases, this offers greater value for you and your customer at the same field installed cost per unit as knocked down, or unassembled lockers.

All Interior/MEDARTTM Lockers are available with optional single point latching, 14 gauge doors, door stiffeners and continuous "piano" hinges. We build these puppies to withstand the harshest of environments. These fully welded lockers will exceed you and your client's expectations.

Contact us with any questions you have or request a locker quotation. We look forward to hearing from you.