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University Series Lockers from Interior/MEDARTLocker Company

University Series Open Face Sports Lockers

Interior/MEDARTTM open-faced "University Series" stadium-style lockers are produced with the needs of athletes and first responders in mind. With open front and perforated sides, these lockers provide a fully ventilated space for storage of gear or other items.

University Series lockers are available fully-welded or unassembled (KD).

Our welded Univeristy Series lockers are 72" high, 76" if you include an optional integral 4" welded base on our welded open-face lockers. The solid construction of all-welded technology and advanced powder coat finish give these popular locks the strength and durability needed in today's locker rooms.

Interior/MEDARTTM University Series lockers come in the following configurations:

  • Locker shell & shelf;
  • Locker shell, shelf & footlocker;
  • Locker shell, shelf & security box (upper shelf);
  • Locker shell, shelf, footlocker & security box;
  • All lockers available All-welded or KD construction.

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Below are the standard sizes of our University Series lockers. We also welcome the opportunity to work with you on custom sizes and configurations.

KD University
Series Lockers

(per opening)

University Lockers

(per opening)

18 18 72 18 18 72
24 18 72 24 18 72
24 21 72 24 21 72
24 24 72 24 24 72
33 18 72 33 18 72
33 21 72 33 21 72
33 24 72 33 24 72
All-welded open-face lockers come with an optional 4" welded base.
All lockers available welded or KD.
Options include security box & foot locker with a hinged, reinforced seat at the base.

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