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Interior/MEDARTTM Lockers Specifications


All parts made from prime grade mild cold rolled sheet steel free from surface imperfections.


Full loop, 2" 5 knuckle hinges, projection welded to door frame and double riveted to door. Single tier lockers to have 3 hinges double tier and multi tier to have 2. For heavier duty requirements a full length continuous hinge is available on all models.


All exposed metal is chemically pretreated with a six stage cleaning and phosphate treated process prior to a baked on powder coated enamel finish.


24 gauge steel, flanged to for added strength and rigidity. 20, 18 and 16 gauge body parts are available for heavier duty applications.


Door frame constructed from 16 gauge formed steel channels. Vertical members shall have an additional flange to form a continuous door strike. Doors are manufactured from 16 gauge steel with channel shaped vertical sides and 90 angled top and bottom. 14 gauge doors are available. All single and double tier doors provide for a fully concealed quiet lock bar. Single tier doors shall have three catches double tier locker have two. Rubber bumpers attached to frame for quiet operation. Doors have options for either built in locks or pad locks as required. A stainless steel recessed handle is standard for all double and single tier lockers. A projecting zinc die cast handle or a single point latch with the recessed handle are available.


All standard doors are louvered for air ventilation. Single and double tier lockers have 6 louvers top and bottom. Different air ventilation systems are available and include diamond perforations and mini louvers. Doors with no louvers have air holes on the top and bottom flange of door. Ventilation for sides and backs are available. Sports Series Lockers have Diamond Perforated Doors and Sides.


All single tier lockers to have a shelf approximately 9" below the top of the locker. Hooks are furnished with all lockers. The 18" deep lockers will have a coat rod. Double tier lockers have top and side hooks and are not furnished with a shelf.


Lockers are furnished knocked down to be assembled with nuts and bolts. Pre assembled lockers are assembled with rivets and/or nuts and bolts as required. All Lockers installed by Interior/MEDART Locker Co. will be delivered preassembled with rivets. Lockers should always be anchored to floor and tight to walls 36" O.C.


Aluminum number plates are approximately 2-1/4" wide by 1" long with numbers 3/8" high. They are attached with aluminum rivets. Interior/MEDART reserves the right to vary any of their designs for overall improvement.

Contact us if you have any questions or require additional details on the manufacture of Interior/MEDARTTM lockers. You can also request a locker quotation online. Thank you.