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Interior/MEDART's all-welded lockers come with optional single-point latching

All-Welded Lockers

Interior/MEDARTTM Lockers--the Architect's Choice and the new technology of welded lockers.

With our utilization of technological advances in both welding and electrostatic powder coat painting, Interior/MEDARTTM all-welded lockers are now within reach of your project budget. And these buggers are very, very strong.

You've probably wanted to go the welded locker route before but a client's budget wouldn't allow it, and likely settled for an affordable but woefully predictable locker designed to keep out the honest.

Technological advances aren't limited to just computers. The new technology and design of Interior/MEDARTTM welded lockers has improved every step of the locker production process. We're pleased to now offer you the finest all-welded lockers available--at a price you can live with.

Whether standard corridor lockers, quiet corridor lockers, heavy-duty ventilated Sports Series lockers or University Series open-faced stadium-style lockers, Interior/MEDART Locker Co. has the welded lockers to meet your most exacting project needs.

Interior/MEDARTTM all-welded lockers come preassembled and welded together, offering you and your clients quick and affordable installation. Our crews have unloaded and positioned a full truckload of welded lockers on locker bases in a single day. That's some serious time (and labor) savings.

16 gauge bodies. Choice of 14 or 16 gauge doors. Single-point latching. And even with the increased steel cost of the heavier gauge components, the increased product cost of all-welded is offset by new efficiencies in the manufacturing process as well as the avoidance of costly and labor intensive locker installations.

With our all welded lockers you get heavier steel, better construction, increased strength and durability. At the end of the day you spend about the same as you would for field installed KD lockers--without all the nonsense and headaches of on-site assembly and installation for a locker that won't last nearly as long.

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Our all-welded lockers are the lockers of the future. But you can now get them at today's KD/field installed price. Request a locker quotation today and see why when it comes to lockers, Interior/MEDART Locker Co. is the Architect's Choice.