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Single point latch with front-to-back channel stiffener and recessed handle
With a maintenance-free single point latch and channel stiffener welded to our locker sides, Interior/MEDARTTM single-point latching offers superior locker strength and ease of use.
Continuous 'piano' hinges available for all Interior/MEDART models
For heavier duty requirements a full-length continuous hinge is available on all locker models.

Interior/MEDARTTM Locker Options

Have `em your way.

With optional maintenance-free single-point latching, continuous "piano" hinges, full-length door stiffeners and body parts in either 20, 18 or 16 gauge steel, Interior/MEDARTTM lockers can be customized to fit your exact project needs.

Single-Point Latching

The advantages of single-point latches are substantial. Single point latches are maintenance-free, have no moving parts. They provide an unbreakable stationary latch with a front-to-back channel stiffener welded to the locker side panel. This greatly increases the strength of the locker and provides a strong anchor bearing surface for installation.

The flush-mounted stainless steel recessed handles--with a sturdy finger grip door pull--can accommodate either padlocks or built-in combination locks.

30 Locker Colors--or Choose Your Own

Interior/MEDART lockers come in 30 standard colors.

We work to provide you with a customized locker solution that makes sense to you and your clients. You can choose one of our 30 standard locker colors or we'll take a sample you provide and match it. Special locker finishes to provide rust and corrosion-resistance are also available.

Our locker accessories page illustrates the variety of other options available with Interior/MEDARTTM lockers, from slope tops, hoods and corner fillers to locker front and side bases, fillers, recessed trim and locker benches.

Whatever your locker needs, Interior/MEDART Locker Co. will meet and surpass your project requirements and expectations. Feel free to email us or request a locker quotation. We look forward to hearing from you.