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FaceLift Locker Door Replacement System

Welcome to the new age in locker door replacement. With our FaceLift Locker Door Replacement System, we will custom fabricate exact locker door replacements (including color matching) and have your lockers looking like new for a fraction of the cost of new lockers.

FaceLift was originally designed to replace Interior Steel Equipment Company, Medart and Interior/Medart locker doors and frames. However, our door and frame replacements are also compatible with Penco, Republic, Hallowell, Lyon, Sandusky-Lee, List Industries, Art Metal, Tennsco, ASI Storage, Pinnacle, Edsal Manufacturing and all other locker manufacturers.

FaceLift Locker Door Replacement System benefits include:

  • Door & frame assemblies as low as $39 per frame
  • No need to rip out & dispose of old lockers
  • Can break up project into phases
  • Allows you to re-use existing locks
  • Can choose another locker door style that better fits your needs
  • Little or no disruption of school routine
  • Can bring lockers up to ADA requirements
  • 50% less down time--can be installed on weekends or after-hours

You'll save up to 80% over full locker replacement with FaceLift. FaceLift is a custom deep-savings solution for your existing lockers. We build you new doors and frames based on your existing lockers.

All locker replacement door projects are custom quoted. Along with a replacement door quote we will also provide you with a competitive new locker replacement cost so you can see if replacement doors will provide you with the savings you're looking for.

If you'd like more information about our FaceLift Locker Door Replacement System, contact us with your questions. Thank you.